Saturday, January 1, 2011

AT5IONT-I fanless? Forget it!

Last night we watched a full HD movie and were in for an unpleasant surprise. Just when the movie was about to end, the computer turned itself right off. I suspected overheating so I checked the temperature readings in BIOS and they were extremely high (79C)! To solve the problem I temporarily mounted a slim 60mm AMD stock fan above the heatsink. Since it doesn't cover the whole heatsink, a real solution would be getting a slim 100mm fan which I'm going to have to order from the UK.

Conclusion: The board obviously cannot rely solely on passive cooling, at least not in a slim desktop case. You will have to provide for adequate ventilation or face potential problems with overheating.


GrahamPhisher said...

idk about tht position for your fan, unless your case has some airholes on top which would be a rather odd design? what i did was just drill two holes in my media center case and hung a 90mm that pulls heat off.