Friday, August 22, 2008

Future Projects

IBM Model M keyboard mod is finished although I'm not quite happy with the result, I now have other things on my mind.

  • Newton keyboard mini-DIN to DB9 adapter (Jornada, Palm, Revo compatible)
  • connect an IBM LPFK to a modern PC (already been done by Mike Brutman)
  • add a 2x20 backlit LCD display to my HP workstation
  • further improve the Model M mod to make it all fit better

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

IBM WorkPad C3

My new toy is an old PDA, IBM WorkPad C3, which is basically just a rebadged Palm Vx. I have yet to find a use for this handheld however, that shouldn't be much of a problem considering there's still plenty of software avaliable for download. If everything else fails, I can use it as an auxiliary LCD display for my PC using PalmOrb.

+ excellent display
+ small & lightweight
+ responsive
+ vast software library
+ long battery life

- only IrDA and serial
- no memory expansion
- unusual backlight

Needs a new battery.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

IBM Model M modding

I recently bought a Model M that was used in a smoking environment. After I washed the keyboard it was obvious that the cable still carries a strong unpleasant odor so I decided to change it with the one from a non-functional Model M. To make it more interesting I decided the cable has to be removable. Since my soldering skills are poor the mod itself will be done by a friend of mine, Sandor.

Part list:
1 x PS/2 cable
1 x female RJ45 PCB connector
1 x male RJ45 cable connector
dremel tool for drilling holes
soldering iron
crimping tool

A tutorial should follow shortly.