Friday, April 13, 2007

Mobile storage solution

My latest toy is a stylish external case Icy Box IB-250U-R used with a Western Digital Scorpio WD800VE 80GB hard drive. The disk drive is reasonably fast, starts-up almost instantly and doesn't make much noise. Infact, I could hardly tell the disk is working by sound alone. What I particularly like about these types of cases (looks and size aside) is that you don't need a power adapter. You do however need two available USB ports since the unit gets power from the second USB port (the HDD wouldn't start-up without it). You also get a practical leather wallet which is great for the case itself but isn't big enough to fit both USB cables as well. Initially I wanted to get a 4GB USB flash drive but I'm glad I didn't because the drive will also be used for system backups. All in all, I'm happy with it for now.