Thursday, March 29, 2007

Friendly spam

Everybody who uses e-mail knows what 'spam' is. It's probably one of the most hated things you'll encounter while using the Internet. I used to get tons of it! Penis enlargement, viagra, prescription drugs, green cards and whatnot and there's nothing much I could do about it except loose my temper occasionally. I remember the times when I used to check e-mails every 5 minutes or so. Whenever the little 'letter' icon appeared in the system tray I went "New mail!" but my excitement was too often squashed under the sense of annoyance after realizing that it's just more spam. Thankfully regular spam seems to be on the decrease. Which brings us to a different breed of spam!

The Internet is accessible to almost everyone these days and whoever has 5 minutes free time is forwarding 'funny' e-mails. Friendly spam is sort of like friendly fire. The sender's intention isn't to upset or annoy you. But the end result is just that, annoyance and possibly anger. Just make it stop! I appreciate a good joke. I also like to see a funny video or browse through a collection of beaufitul photos every now and then. But when these things start coming in by the dozen, they become undigestable and time consuming. I have better things to do, thank you very much.

People please, if you really have to share every little piece of doo-doo you find on the Internet, at least ask approval. That way you will spare the portion of your friends who don't approve of that sort of e-mails. And for those of you who don't like recieving friendly spam but don't say anything about it... tell it how it is (and try to be nice :))!