Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RedGear v1.0.0 available for purchase

Alpaxo Software is proud to announce the availability of RedGear v1.0.0, which may be purchased on the following page:

>>> RedGear - Alpaxo Software <<<

RedGear is an upgrade for Windows® CE devices running HPC2000 and CE.NET. It extends the operating system so that newer Windows Mobile software can now run on your HPC2000 & CE .NET device! RedGear™ retains the familiar look and feel of your device while allowing key applications such as Opera Mobile v8.65 to run perfectly. Plus, support for additional popular Windows Mobile applications is continually improving!

RedGear solves problems like:
  • "Cannot find _____.exe or one of its components."
  • "_____.exe is not a valid Windows CE application."
  • Manual modification of files ("hacking")
The following devices have been tested and found working:
  • HP Jornada 710/720/728
  • NTT DoCoMo Sigmarion III
  • Skeye Pad SL
  • SmartBook G138
  • Psion Netbook Pro
  • NEC MobilePro 900/900C (unmodified)
For further information or questions, please don't hesitate to visit the Alpaxo Software Technical Support Forums.