Monday, May 3, 2010

Crazy About Keyboards

Just picked up another IBM Model M this weekend, bringing my keyboard count up to nine. Took me a while to clean but it looks almost like new now. Here's what I have:
- IBM Model M - YU layout, 1993
- IBM Model M - DE layout (Ambra)
- IBM Model M - US layout, 1989
- IBM Model M - YU layout, broken
- IBM Model M - YU layout, 1996
- IBM Terminal Board - YU layout
- Cherry MX1800, DE layout, MX blue
- Cherry G80, YU layout, MX blue
- NeXT Station, non-ADB, YU layout


Simon said...

Hehe i'm also from Slovenia and also collect keyboards.
I've got:
-IBM model M US 89
-IBM model M US 88
-IBM model M US 88
-IBM model M US 93
-IBM model M YU 89
-IBM model M YU 93
-IBM model M YU 96
-IBM model M YU 95
-IBM model M YU 95
-Cherry M G80 MX blue US