Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Goodies From The Mailbox

I returned from my vacation in Portugal on Saturday evening. When I got to my parent's place, all the stuff that I bought on eBay in the past month was already waiting for me. This includes:
- a Socket Bluetooth CF card
- a Newton MessagePad 120 w/ keyboard
- a Colorgraphic Voyager VGA CF card
- an Orinoco Silver 11 Mbps WiFi PCMCIA card

Socket BT card will probably end up being used with the Jornada for the time being. I will also be making the adapter cable so I can use the Newton keyboard with the Jornada. Orinoco Silver is just for backup and the Colorgraphic VGA card will probably stay in storage until I can get my hands on a Psion Netbook Pro.


Andy said...

I wonder what the Orinoco card would be used for...

Mayhem said...

Wardriving! :)